Joy of Travel…!!

What a thrill it is to travel
Perhaps in a different country
The cultures incredibly diverse
So many wonderful things to see

The clothes can be so different
Unique in their treasured styles
An entirely distinctive kind of people
With their friendly happy smiles

And the food can be quite challenging
Different tastes and how they eat
But, hey, I’m ready to try it
Doesn’t have to be potatoes and meat

Different ways and thoughts of worship
It is such an international treat
To see the different cultures
And all the interesting folks you meet

So if you get a chance, folks
Get on a plane or cruising ship
Take yourself to another country
Have a great and wonderful trip!

The Joy Of Travel
Marilyn Lott

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  1. Global Colors Of India

    Thanks for your blog

  2. Oren Gettings

    Yo, thank you for this helpful entry. It helped me very much.

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